ACPO Trainer

Role: Game Design, Writing, & Art
Development Time: 24 Hours

Created within 20 hours as part of the Abertay Serious Game Jam 2016, ACPO Trainer was designed to test first response officers on cyber security and correct technical procedure within different settings.

The game presents users with a scenario and a fully explorable, 3D object. Different areas of the object can then be highlighted and interacted with (e.g. removing the back of a phone, unplugging the Ethernet from a PC tower, or ejecting the disk from a games console), with the final aim being to submit the object in an appropriate state for future testing.

The game was created in line with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines for the handling of criminal technology, teaching through direct replication of a scenario not-unlikely to be found within a real crime-scene.