Role: Editor, & Launch Event Organiser and Presenter

An anthology of student poetry, CRUSH was created by a team of three editors and presented at a student event within Brunel University.

Within the team, my role included:
  • Reading and editing roughly half of the poems included within the final product.
  • Communicating with the different poets regarding the stages of their writing within the editing process.
  • Organising the front cover design through a competition run within the university.
  • Maintaining communication with the cover artist, requesting updates and new iterations of the design based on feedback from other members of the team.
  • Writing the editors note within the final product.
  • Organising the launch event; choosing and communicating with the venue, organising refreshments, and leading practice sessions with the various readers who were chosen for the launch night.
  • Hosting the launch event, announcing and introducing each of the different readers as well as prompting sales to the roughly 50 students who attended.