Role: Game Design, & Script-Writing
Development Time: 4 Weeks

A massively ambitious, single-player, first-person RPG, Dreams was first concepted by Camylle Tuliao as part of the BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition 2015.

As part of Camylle's award for creating the concept, myself, alongside another 16 members of my team, were given four weeks to convert her initial concept into a playable demo which could be presented to her, her parents, representatives from the BAFTA organisation, and Prince William and Princess Kate.

As one of four designers, I was tasked with:
  • Crafting mechanics which exemplified the concept which Camylle had designed.
  • Creating a level-plan/storyboard which could show as many parts of Camylle's world as possible.
  • Communicating this design to a team of six other artists and eight other programmers.
  • Writing and recording a simplistic script to accompany the playable demo.
The final product was both loved by Camylle and praised by the BAFTA team.

Here is an example Level Design + Structure Proposition which I created for the design team during the early concepting phase: