Role: Game Design, and Artistic/Production Assistance
Development Time: 3 Months

Created as part of a three month internship with Octopus 8 Studios, GoblinsGoblinsGoblins! is a simple, arcade-style mobile game, based on the concept of 'Goblin Bowling'.

Within our team of five, I was one of two designers. My role included:
  • Creating the initial game concept, pitch, and design document.
  • Designing two thirds of the levels included in the game.
  • Implementing all of the levels included within the game.
  • Designing the GUI.
  • Testing the game before launch and communication with our programmer regarding different problems/improvements.
Outside of my role as designer, I also assisted our artist with some of the final assets for the game and helped our producer to create art asset lists, organise meetings, write and edit publicity announcements, and pitch our game toward industry professionals.