Role: Game Design, Audio Design, & Production
Development Time: 48 Hours

'Have you ever peeled a potato? This game is kind of like that (but with more existentialism)'

Created as part of the Global Game Jam 2016, Potato is a massively-multiplayer, cloud-potato-storage 'game'.

The final product came in two parts: a desktop-based server, and a mobile client.

Players on the mobile client are given unpeeled potatoes which they can peel by swiping their finger across the screen. Once the potato is peeled, they can swipe their finger upward and send the potato to the server.

The server then displays and collates all of the potatoes sent by the various clients, amassing them in one central pile, growing and growing until they fill the screen.

Luckily, the screen zooms out, allowing for the amassing of further potatoes.

An entirely pointless game which received an entirely disproportionate amount of praise.