The Game of Life: First Play App

Role: Game Design, Game Programming, & Production
Development Time: 3 Days

Designed and created by myself and one other designer, The First Play App is a companion app for The Game of Life, one of Hasbro's biggest IP's, created to both speed up first time play sessions, and help young children who want to play the game independently.

Functionally, it's a set of stabilisers which you can attach the first time you play the game.

Built around the basic idea of relevant information at relevant times, The First Play App uses an internalised, digitalised, recreation of the game map, alongside the numbers the player rolls for their movement, in order to procedurally deduce the steps which should be taken within any given turn.

Below are some samples of the design documentation used to plan the app:

Fig 1: A flowchart representation of the Game of Life board.

Fig 2: A written list of every possible path which the player can take. 16 pages - 3800 words.