The Tower

Role: Game Designer
Development Time: 10 Weeks (part time)

The Tower is a room-scale virtual reality experience created as part of the Tranzfuser funding initiative.

This project is currently underway but, as one of two designers, my role thus far has included:
  • Researching and learning about the quirks, opportunities, and limitations of developing within virtual reality, and then attempting to design mechanics and systems which work alongside those challenges.
  • Testing the product with a critical eye and helping to brainstorm solutions to emerging problems.
  • Designing spaces and interactions which work within a virtual reality environment.
  • Whiteboxing level spaces within Maya/Unity.
  • Creating floorplans for level layouts (including sizings for the different objects).
  • Creating systems which create and maintain presence (sound, haptics, etc.).
The project will take 10 weeks in total. It ends in August and, once completed, will be shown at Dare to be Digital in Dundee, and presented to the UK Games Fund.