Role: Game Design, Game Programming, & Art
Development Time: 3 Days

Designed and created, in its entirety, by myself, Untitled is an art game inspired by the work of Jason Rohrer and Rod Humble.

Designed as a way of exploring the concepts of independence, freedom, and coming of age, the project was created to promote self-reflection using tools exclusive to the medium of games. For this reason, the visual and audio design were both minimised (in fact, there really isn’t any of either), and a name was specifically avoided.

As the only person working on the project, my role included:
  • Designing the general concept/narrative beats which the game would follow.
  • Implementing the design (done in Unity, which I was teaching myself throughout the project).
  • Creating the assets necessary for the final game.
  • Completing early-concept testing, and identifying/coming up with solutions for issues which were raised.
  • Creating and using bug-finding methodologies and fixing the bugs which emerged.