Utopia of Rhythm

Role: Game Design, Game Programming, & Product Pitching
Development time: 4 Weeks

A 2D, rhythm-based platformer, Utopia of Rhythm was first prototyped by Jack Mills as part of the BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition 2015.

As part of Jack's award for creating the concept and prototype, myself, alongside another 16 members of my team, were given four weeks to convert his initial concept into a professional-level demo which could be presented back to him, his parents, representatives from the BAFTA organisation, and Prince William and Princess Kate.

As one of four designers I was tasked with:
  • Concepting/creating levels which preserved and exemplified the mechanics which Jack had created.
  • Testing and iterating on the created levels.
As the person on the team with the best understanding of Construct 2 (the programme which Jack had used to create the demo), I was tasked with:
  • Implementing the levels which myself and the other designers had created.
  • Implementing game testing tools for myself and the other designers to use.
  • Making modifications to the levels based on my own and other designers feedback.
  • Fixing bugs and glitches with Jack's initial demo.
  • Attempting to improve the overall game-feel for the product.
As the person on the team who did the most work on Utopia of Rhythm I was also tasked with creating and giving a presentation on the creation process. This presentation was shown to Jack, the other winners of the Young Game Designer award, and various representatives from BAFTA (including the organisation CEO).

Later in the day, after my presentation had finished, Prince William and Princess Kate came and played the games.